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Ernie Els Wines Best of Wine Tourism Awards
We are very excited to share the news that we have been victorious in the


in the category architecture and landscaping

This international competition celebrates innovation and excellence in wine tourism throughout the world's greatest wine regions, including South Africa.
Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the creation of exceptional wines; it is woven into every aspect of our winery and was the driving force behind our recent renovations in 2020. Collaborating with Stellenbosch-based interior design studio, Rumour Has It, we approached the transformation of our building with the understanding that, much like the meticulous crafting of fine wines, creating remarkable experiences requires attention to detail and a profound appreciation for the subtleties that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In pursuit of this vision, we collaborated with a diverse community of local artisans and skilled craftsmen, embracing a mix of talent and drawing inspiration from the surrounding region. Together, we created a breathtaking masterpiece that authentically captures the essence of the Helderberg – a sanctuary teeming with vibrant flora, diverse fauna, proud winemaking heritage, and, of course, excellent Cabernet Sauvignon!

We are thrilled to have been recognised in this category and would like to extend our congratulations to our team, as well as the many hands that helped envision and establish our winery as we know it today.

"The essence of all art and design is to create things with luminous spirituality in them that actually take your breath away. Ernie Els Winery is a masterpiece and a landmark on the Helderberg Mountain – for me, it's a slice of Paradise. On behalf of Ernie Els and our dedicated team, we would like to thank you for awarding us as number one!"

– Hans von Staff-Reitzenstein, Proprietor

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